About us

All around barbiers

We, Daniël & Giovanni, both born and raised in Haarlem, are experienced barbers and have been cutting the perfect hairstyle for customers for years. We founded Barberstudio because we had the desire to live up to our vision for the hair salon industry. Namely, bringing together a quality barbershop with contemporary fashion pieces within the street culture.

With ambition for hairstyling and a shared passion for fashion, we have realized our dream in more than just a “barbershop”, but instead a barber studio. We deliver a new concept where everyone feels at home, is welcome to hang out, finds the most exclusive fashion items and leaves with a fresh haristyle. Our inspiration comes from our passion for the fashion scene, which is why we don’t only cut and style your hair but also focus on your complete look.

Through our years of experience as barbers, we can treat and care for any hair type with our Barberstudio hair products. We have put these hair products together ourselves to provide the best result for every hair type. We are always available for additional questions or advice.

With our expertise, we aspire to raise the confidence level for every customer and wish to welcome everyone to our studio.